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1 10 2015

Moleskine x Jirayu Koo for Wallpaper* Handmade TH 2015

This is a creative project I collaborated with Moleskine Thailand for Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition 2015 by Wallpaper* Thai Edition. Moleskine together with Wallpaper magazine hand-picked me to have fun with their iconic Moleskine Japanese Album and create whatever I would like to. Being a fan and a real Moleskine notebook user myself, there wasn’t a…

30 09 2015

+81 x Jirayu Koo for Beams Japan

I have recently been asked by +81 a global visual magazine from Tokyo to create illustrations for Beams Japan T-shirt. The brief was opened and let me free-styling as long as it’s a positive design. Lately I have been developing my style to be even more graphic as you may already seen in my previous posts….

8 07 2015

A day bulletin Life

‘When paper comes alive’ – A cover I created for A day bulletin Life. I did this one all by hands and it was such a refreshing sometime working without using computer! Thanks to Am and Yee from A day team who came catching the perfect light with me at magic hour. Happy result! some…

26 05 2015

no.475 magazine by Sansiri

An editorial illustration I did for no.475 magazine by Sansiri. A ‘Need to know’ article about life and the fact that I totally agree – It’s important to take a holiday (or two!).  

12 04 2015

Super Siam x Jirayu Koo & Yo Yota

I and my partner Yo Yota were invited by the talented product designer Saran Yen Panya from the 56th Studio to design chairs along with the other 7 Thai cool designers. We were immediately without a doubt said yes to be parts of this exciting project. And we took on the idea of “Thai Culinary”…

4 02 2015

Tokyobike x Jirayu Koo

Another great project I have done recently is a collaboration between myself as an artist with the Tokyobike team. It is a charity project to raise funds for rural school where affected by the earthquake in Northern Thailand. They chose two designers from different fields to customize their bike ; one is Vickteerut the fashion…

21 01 2015

Wallpaper* Magazine

A series of 8 illustrations I created for Wallpaper* Magazine Thailand. The article ” The Separate Together ” is about different life-styles from different groups of people exhibited through 4 experimental rooms.        

8 01 2015


At the end of last year, Smirnoff asked me to create an illustration for celebrating the festive time of 2014. I came up with a couple of design options and they decided to go with my signature style. The design is named ” Boom-Box ” and the idea behinds it is inspired by the atmosphere…

The Inelegant Universe_head
8 07 2014

The Inelegant Universe

It’s always my pleasure to work with the New Scientist team. This time the article is about The Inelegant Universe : the mystery outer space where we used to think that it’s so perfect from where we stand. It’s turned out that it’s not so inelegant after all because we, the observers, are all seeing…