+81 x Jirayu Koo for Beams Japan


I have recently been asked by +81 a global visual magazine from Tokyo to create illustrations for Beams Japan T-shirt. The brief was opened and let me free-styling as long as it’s a positive design. Lately I have been developing my style to be even more graphic as you may already seen in my previous posts. I let the tiny figures free and started build up my own people! It definitely stays in collage technique either hand done or by digital. I feel like I’m growing up while my point of view getting younger and presumably, the artworks I create will get merrier too.

And these are two illustrations I designed for Beams, the Doughnut Dude and the Iced-Pop King & Queen. The idea was all about food that’s not only pleasure your palate but also fun to look at too – oh food, I always love food related ideas!.



the Doughnut Dude.


After a bit of colours proofing here and there, they turned out not bad at all.





the Iced-Pop King & Queen.





This is my very own model, well…apparently he’s my everything I may say 😉

If you fancy these t-shirt, just head to Beams online shop and snap it up! they available in all sizes, happy shopping everyone.

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