BOYY Spring / Summer 2016 Campaign


‘A Spring Fling’ the new fashion project I recently completed for BOYY Boutique where they asked me to create 6 key visuals for their Spring / Summer 2016 bag campaign.

It was one of the most fun and challenge works I have ever done to date. Because I didn’t only do paper collage technique as I normally do by using ordinary colour papers available in stationary store. But I did paint all the papers myself in every colours I planned to use for the artworks, finding the right tones was also another fun but not oh so easy task. Also I developed the usual flat collage technique and gave it more playfulness, more depth and also more life I believe. The final stage was new to me too, I have got all the artworks photographed with some serious light setting as I aimed for strong shadows and bold graphic-y feel. Thanks to my partner, Yo Yota, jack of all trade whom can managed it out as I pictured it in mind!







and some behind the scene




It is out now both online and in some magazines like VS (USA based) and 2magazine (Thai based) and soon to be up on their Copenhagen store’s window display too.

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