16 Jan 16

Secret 7″ 2015

Secret 7″ is an exciting annual event that combines music & art for a good cause. This year charity is Nordoff Robbins, who are dedicated to transforming lives of vulnerable children and adults through music therapy. They take 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians around and press each one 100 times to 7”…

6 Jun 11

Giant Drag Concert Poster

A friend of us ·SUPERSWEET Live!· will present a LA based band ·Giant Drag· this coming June 27th in Bangkok. They’ve asked us to create all visuals to support the gig and this is what we have come up with, a whooping explosion of fun from all tiny mad dancers! which is expecting to see…

30 May 11


An under wraps project that I have been playing with for a little while now soon will be revealed here. Yes it’s something related with music! Stay tuned x

10 May 11

·Fujiya & Miyagi·

The proud artworks I created for the Brighton UK based band ‘Fujiya & Miyagi’ are what you’re seeing here. The main artwork and also the key visual for the entire series is for their new album cover ‘Ventriloquizzing’. The idea behinds it is to play with the Ventriloquist dummies that they made after each band…

6 Oct 09

·Le Fanzine Music Blog·

I did this piece for my friend whom I never actually met in real life. we first met almost 10 years ago on Audiogalaxy while I was still surfing around music site and downloading all new songs from unheard bands. Some of those bands have become famous now, but some have already gone. .. I…

23 Apr 08

·blonde redhead vs black blackheads·

The following night right after bjork, we again headed to shepherds bush empire for blonde redhead. We were there quite early, walked around a bit and stocked up a big bag of haribo, my fav sweet… yum. The good thing of being at the venue betimes is we would be able to choose wherever we…

21 Apr 08

·bjork ∆ me·

Well.. . I have to confess that I am not a big fan of bjork. She is alright, rather great, but I’m just not so keen on listening to her music in a long period, connected .. . . I will like skips after 3 tracks to some drowsy kind of songs instead. Anyway, on…