Moleskine x Jirayu Koo for Wallpaper* Handmade TH 2015


This is a creative project I collaborated with Moleskine Thailand for Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition 2015 by Wallpaper* Thai Edition.

Moleskine together with Wallpaper magazine hand-picked me to have fun with their iconic Moleskine Japanese Album and create whatever I would like to. Being a fan and a real Moleskine notebook user myself, there wasn’t a one second hesitation to say YES to take part in this project. Right after getting the brief, I flew off to Japan for traveling (that I had planned before) for half a month. There, on the way to Osaka by Shinkansen, “A Journey Inside Out” idea was originated.

Below is a well-written version of my concept by Moleskine team, thank you.

The concept of “A Journey Inside Out” presents a relationship between a search for one’s true identity and his/her experiences accumulated from every journey, expressing through handmade Collage art on a Moleskine Japanese Album, a unique notebook design influenced by the traditional Japanese horizontal emakimono scrolls. From one notebook, Jirayu has imitated journey’s routes from the large door from notebook’s front cover and gradually reduces in size; decorating the path with striking colors geometric-shape objects which were carefully cut and pasted into each pages, through the back cover. They were blended together seamlessly to suggest travelers gradually discovering themselves throughout the travel experiences during their life span.

– these pictures were published in Wallpaper* Thai edition, Handmade issue.



In addition, the concept of this work was also demonstrated through my design on paper band of Moleskine Limited Edition Notebook for Wallpaper* Handmade 2015, a special souvenir for VIP guests and the other artists joining the exhibition’s opening day celebration.




– some details




– The Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition 2015 was held at NAIIPA Art Complex, between September 24th -30th, 2015.



– this is how to peek through these little doors 😉


– Some pictures from the opening night, the first one is myself with Khun Passarin Limpanawongsaen and Khun Nithi Tantisilapanon, Moleskine Thailand distributor.







– Yeah it’s me again 😀

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you once again to Moleskine Thailand that believe in me and offers me this great opportunity to work on this smashing project. Also Wallpaper* Thailand for all the support they provided plus every single person who came to the exhibition, you know who you are (: An enormous thank you all. x

photo credits : Christian Hogue, Wallpaper* Thailand, Yo Yota


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