Perrier the poster exhibition


I were a part of Perrier the poster exhibition alongside with the other 6 talented Thai artists where we find inspiration within Perrier bubbles.

The 7 Artists are
– Bloody Hell Big head
– Jirayu Koo
– Sahred Toy
– Suthipa Kamyam
– Terawat Teankaprasith
– Wisut Ponnimit
– Yune

I had an idea of a Perrier lady where I imagined if Perrier was a lady, where’d she rather be and having fun? I played with their iconic bottle shape as the lady’s body, kicking her leg up and chilling by the pool! Voila my ‘Everyday should be a holiday’ piece happened, 700mm. x 1000mm. acrylic paint and collage.



some up close and personal shots



Every artists also created one letter each to form the word Perrier by Slowmotion, the creative house behinds this project. Mine is a P lady 😉


Below are some pictures from the exhibition opening day, took by my partner Yota and some from Perrier and the gallery, thanks!


My piece even has a nickname ‘Green Lady’ that many friends and visitors call too 🙂


with Mr.Pop Kampol, Fashion editor at GQ Thailand, who always a good friend and a great supporter x




The original artwork is all hand painted with acrylic colours on paper and collage. Unfortunately, it was mistreated at the frame shop and turned out really bad that I was actually need to remake my artwork again within 24 hours! I had no time to panic neither throwing any tantrum.. I was just so on point of how can I handle it well and be able to finish in a very short period of time before the exhibition setting day. So I had to drop the collage technique on the artwork’s background and did the painting instead, the rest is still collage though, I can say that I am so happy with the outcome. Moreover I did learn that I can paint quite well and neat and also that I can get myself under control and work under a very high pressure situation well.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery, really 🙂


The exhibition took place at a great space, Bangkok CitiCity Gallery on Sathorn road earlier in March. But they are aiming of doing a roadshow to some other cool locations too, I will keep you guys posted.

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